Show Signal Strength Numeric Value Instead of Icon on iPhone iOS 7

Do you have voice breakage or data connection problems on your iPhone? Is it really a signal problem in you area or something else. Do you know how much signals strength does your carrier have in your area, With a tiny signal status bars icon on your iPhone you can’t understand the actual signal strength. But If we change this signal bars icon with numeric value that shows signal strength in numbers, seems great? yes, lets see how to do that.

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Show Signal Strength Value Instead of Icon

Using iOS hidden feature called field test we can show numeric signal strength value instead co common bars, as you can see in screenshot below.



Dial *3001#12345#* from your iPhone, this will run the field test app on your iPhone. You will notice the Signal bars on left-top corner is converted to numeric (decibel) value.


Best and poor signal decibel value ranges

According my experience, If you have signals dBm value from -50 dBm to -69 dBm, this range is considered as an excellent signal strength. Range from -70 to -89 is good, from -90 to -109 is poor and the dead one signal strength range is -110 to below. If you have poor range -110 to below, you may need to talk to your carrier and find the actual signal problem.

If you want to show this signal decibel value all the time instead of bars then follow these steps, if not then press the Home button to exit from Field Test app.

Press and hold the Power button until you see the Slide to power off message, don’t slide.


Now press and hold the Home button until this power off message disappears automatically and you get back to Home screen. Here you can see decibel value of signal is appearing.


How to get back signal bars

Dial *3001#12345#* from your iPhone, tap on the signal value on Top-Left corner to switch between decibel value and bars icon. Press the Home button when you choose required option to display.


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