How to Take Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S6

You may heard that “picture worth a thousand words”, that’s right instead of explaining what happening on your Galaxy S6 screen you can take screenshot and send it to someone for better understanding. There are different ways to take screenshot on Galaxy S6 like taking screenshot with buttons, palm swipe or using Assistant menu. So, let’s see how to use all this options to take screenshot.

Take Galaxy S6 Screenshot

Using power and home button or power and volume keys combination is the most generic way that everyone use to take screenshots on different mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 keys to take screenshot are, press Power+Home button simultaneously and you will hear a click sound and see a capturing animation on the screen.


Taking screenshot with Palm Swipe

In this method we can use motion recognition feature to take screenshot. First we need to enable motion and gesture settings of Android Lollipop.

  • Open Settings, select “Motion and gesture” and then “Palm swipe to capture” option. Now turn this option On.
  • Swipe the side of your palm across the screen from one side to another.

Note: In palm swipe to capture method you may not be able to capture screenshot while using some specific apps.

Take screenshot with Assistant menu

Assistant menu in Android is very much similar to Assistive Touch feature in iOS. By enabling this menu button you can access and control some feature and settings like Home, Volume, Lock screen, take screenshot etc. This Assistant menu button will be remain on the top of all running apps and you can move it anywhere on the screen.

  • To enable Assistant menu go to Settings → Accessibility → Dexterity and interaction → Assistant menu.
  • Turn the switch to activate this option and you will notice a new onscreen Assistant menu button.
  • Tap this button to view available controls and feature in it. Here you can use up and down arrow to navigate and see more available options.
  • Find the Take Screenshot option and use this to capture screens.

In my opinion taking screenshot with keys method is fast and easy. If you have problem with your device keys/buttons or you can’t press two keys simultaneously due to any reason then your should try the other Palm or Assistant menu methods.

Galaxy S6 Screenshot location

You screenshot will be saved under screenshots folder on your device storage and you can also use Gallery app to view captured images.

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Pam April 17, 2017, 1:38 am

How do i get rid of the arrow in the middle of my screen shot taken from a video?

Ahmed April 19, 2017, 11:50 pm

Upload your screenshot somewhere and give me the download link, I will edit it for you.

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