How to Clear all Notifications at once Apple Watch

The appearance of Red dot at the top of Apple Watch means that you have at least one unread notifications. If you care about these notification and want to know how to clear all these notification at once, then instead of swiping one by one which is bit headache just read below to learn how to clear all notifications at once.

Clear all Notification at once Apple Watch

You can view unread notifications by swiping-down from top, but to dismiss these unread notifications you need to swipe them from left-right one by one or open all the notifications individually and then dismiss them. This method is fine when we want to clear one or two notifications but what to do when you got hell of notifications? Don’t waste your time to clear them one by one.

Use a simple trick to clear the notification at once. Use Force Touch, Force touch is a quick and press hard at the center of your Apple Watch screen and this will display Clear all button. Now tap on this button to clear all notification at once.

clear all notifications at once apple watch

Force Touch then new sensing capability is smart enough to sense a light tap and hard press and make decision to display specific menus and buttons. Force Touch used in different apps like Maps, Music, Messages, Calendar, etc on Apple Watch.

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