How to Take Screenshot on Apple Watch

Taking screenshot on iPhone, iPad is really useful and you can show something or get easy help by sending a screenshot to someone and show what happening on your screen. Wondering how to take screenshot on Apple Watch? If you already familiar with how to take screenshot on iPhone or iPad then taking screenshot on Apple will be very similar and easy for you.

Take Screenshot Apple Watch

On iPhone or iPad we use home and power button simultaneously to capture screen. But on Apple Watch buttons are bit different, one called Digital Crown and the second is Side button. Taking screenshot is bit tricky and you have to press the buttons combination with correct timing.

To capture Apple Watch screen go to the screen that you want to capture as screenshot. Now, press and hold the Digital Crown button and then instantly press and release the Side button. Remember if you press and hold crown button for a long time then this will open Siri. So, to make it right press the side button quickly after holding the crown button. You many need to try it few time to learn capture screenshot. You can see the screenshot below if you don’t know much about buttons on Apple Watch.

take screenshot apple watch

If you successfully capture a screenshot then very much similar to iPhone or iPad you’ll hear a capture shutter sound and a flash on the screen, which is confirmation that screenshot is saved.

Apple Watch Screenshot location

Screenshots taken on your Apple Watch will be saved on your synced iPhone. Open Photos on your iPhone and you can view all screenshots here.  Now you can edit any screenshot and send it to someone for help or guidance. You may feel screenshots taken on Apple Watch are not high resolution, because Apple Watch is not a very high resolution display device. When you see them on a high resolution device or computer display, you may feel blurry.

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