How to Find Which Apps Are Draining Most of iPhone’s Battery

You may have few apps installed on your iPhone or iPad that are the actual cause of fast battery drainage. In iOS Apple added a feature that shows list of installed apps on your device with percentage of battery usage by each app. Using this built-in battery monitor feature you can check which app is using most your iPhone Battery daily and draining iPhone battery fast. Once you find apps that consuming battery power due to running in the background or constantly requesting location then you can modify the apps settings accordingly, you can also simple remove this app and use and alternative.

Find Apps that Using Most of the Battery

To find the battery usage settings in iOS, open Settings app on your iPhone and then tap the General > Usage and tap “Battery Usage” option under Battery section. Battery Usage page will take few seconds to load battery charging and usage stats.

Here, first section shows battery usage and standby time since the last full charge.


The second section is Battery Usage, this section shows the list of apps with percentage of battery eating up by each iPhone or iPad app. You can filter the battery usage results by “Last 24 Hours” or by “Last 7 Days” to get some more idea. Facebook video and audio activity, Phone calling and Playing music in Sound cloud is the main reason of battery draining, which is fine for me.

battery usage iphone apps

As you can see above in the screenshot, Facebook and Skype apps showing little more information, Facebook apps used 31% of iPhone battery by playing Audio and reason of 8% battery used by Skype is Background activity. Similarly you may see little more info for other apps as well.

Control Battery Usage

If you found an app that is draining most of the battery due to running itself in the background then you should turn the Background app refresh option for that app. You should check our previously posted guide how to increase iPhone battery life, This guide not only tells how to turn off background app refresh but also 10+ more options to set and get most out of iPhone battery.

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