How to Capture Scrolling Screenshot like Galaxy S7 On Any Android Device

Want to capture scrolling screenshot on Android device? Samsung newly released devices like Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 comes with a new and amazing feature which lets you to take a screenshot vertically to capture the entire website or app scrolling screen but the thing is this feature is still a Samsung exclusive feature.

Capture Scrolling Screenshot

For those people who don’t own a latest Galaxy Phones, Glitch Developer has an amazing and of course easy workaround to capture scrolling screen like Galaxy S7 on any Android device. You will capture the overlapping, multiple screenshots and the App name ‘Stitch & Share big screen’  automatically merge them together and the final result is a perfect replica of Samsung’s scrolling screen capture feature. So using Glitch’s app we can take screenshots like Samsung feature on any android device.

  • Install Stitch & Share: big screenshot from Google Play Store.
    install stich share screenshot app
  • Now to take screenshots open any app or web page. Start taking screenshots on your Android device. Take first screenshot, scroll-down and take the second screenshot but make sure the last part of the previous screenshot is showing on the screen.
    capture scrolling screenshot
  • Once you finished capturing screens launch the Stitch & Share: big screenshot app, you will see a quick demo which explains you how to use etc. This tutorial will also tell you, how to take multiple overlapping screenshots.
  • Now tap on ‘+’ button on top right corner and add the all screenshots that you captured in step 2. This app will automatically stitch all the screenshots. You will get a single screenshot image of all the screenshots that you added.
    add screens to make scrolling screenshot  scrolling screenshot on android device

To save this scrolling screenshot simply click on green share button at button to share or save the screenshot and you will get the full vertically capture scrolling screenshot like Samsung Galaxy S7 new feature. If you want to know how to capture screenshots on different mobile devices then you can check capture screenshot section of our website..

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