How to Clear Quick Access History from File Explorer Windows 10

Do you want to remove folders, programs and files from Windows Quick Access history section? Frequently accessed files and folders should be quickly accessible and Windows Quick Access feature help us to achieve that by listing most frequently used programs, files and folders. But some time due to some confidential data you may not want to show this in Quick Access list and need to remove it or just want to disable this feature permanently so Windows will not show quick access history again.

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Clear Quick Access History in File Explorer

There are lot different options that Windows offers to make favorite content quickly reachable but you need to manually Pin to Start, Pin to Taskbar your favorite files, folders, or programs. Windows Quick Access in File Explorer is built-in feature and automatically list frequent folders, programs and recently access files as well. let’s see how to remove all the Quick Access history of files, programs and folders.

  • Open Windows File Explorer and you can do that by press shortcut Windows+E from keyboard alternative ways to open this is just hit the Start button and then select File Explorer or even double-click the “This PC” icon from desktop.
  • Once you see the File Explorer window, hit the File tab left-top corner and the select “Change folder and search options” or “Options” from popup menu.
  • This will open Folder Options window. Here, just hit the Clear button available at the bottom in Privacy section.

That’s it you have successfully removed all the File Explorer Quick Access history from Windows 10 computer.

Remove Specific History from Quick Access

If you don’t want to clear all the file explorer history but a specific single entry then just press Windows+E to open File explorer and this will open Quick Access section by default, if not then just press the “Quick Access” from left panel.

To clear specific entry just right-click on the file, folder or program entry and select “Remove from Quick Access” option.


Disable Quick Access Feature

Instead clearing history again and again from File Explorer’s quick access section you can permanently disable this feature.

To stop show quick access history in the file explore, just open the Folder Options window as we did above in first section and then uncheck the both options “Show recently used files in Quick access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick access” then hit the OK button to save the settings.


Now, you successfully disable the quick access feature from File explorer.

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