How to Create Local User Account in Windows 10 Without Microsoft Account

Do you want to create local account on Windows 10 without using Microsoft email account? If you upgrade or clean install Window 10 then Windows will ask you to use Microsoft account as login. Microsoft actually wants you to do this so they can easily hook you up with their online services like files in OneDrive, sync personalize settings, Windows store apps, etc. on different Windows 10 devices. You may want to create a local account for someone who doesn’t have or need a Microsoft account like children, family member or small business, and you don’t want to sync this local account’s settings, apps, etc. then creating a local account is better.

Create Local User Account in Windows 10

  • There are many ways to do this but I will share the easiest way. First open “All settings” form bottom right notification icon or just press Windows+I key from keyboard. Then click on “Accounts” settings and “Family & Other users” from left-side.
  • Now click on “Add someone else to this PC”.
  • A new window will appears, here we will choose we don’t want to use Microsoft account as login information. So, click on “I don’t have this persons sing-in information”.
  • In this step click on “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.
  • Now put some account related information for local user account like give a proper User name, type Password and password hint as well, finally click Next.
  • Your Local user account is added but by default its standard account. You can change its permissions to administrator or leave as it is.
    To change its permissions, click on account name from “Family & other users” settings window.
  • On the next window change the account type from Standard User to Administrator account, click OK to save the settings.
    change account type to administrator

There is another way to create local account by using control userpasswords2 run command. Press Windows+R or just right-click on Start button and select Run from menu.

Type control userpasswords2 in Run window and hit Enter. This will open user accounts window with a list of all Windows 10 accounts.


Click Add button and on the next windows select “Sign in without a Microsoft account…” at the bottom and then follow the on-screen instruction to create a new local user account.

Remember creating local account will not allow you to sync your personal settings, data, emails and other stuff across Windows 10 devices. If you want to sync all you stuff then you must use a Microsoft account as login.

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