How to Hide Specific Topics Ads on Facebook

Facebook display ads according to your interest and search, but sometimes we see complete different and irrelevant ads too on our timelines and we don’t wanted to see them. When we see those kinds of ads we can skip them from context menu or we can also hide them but similar ads will appears again and again until we tell Facebook that we are not interested in that kind of ads on those topics.

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Hide specific topics ads on Facebook

  1. First login to your Facebook account.
  2. Now open Facebook Settings by clicking at small top right menu carat icon and then click on settings.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  3. Now you find Ads from left panel of the Settings page and then click on it to open ads settings.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  4. Here select “Ads based on my preferences” and it will expand, then click on “Visit Ad Preferences” button.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  5. In Ad Preferences, you will see the list of different kind of groups list like News and entertainment, Travel, places and events, Business and Industry etc. these names depends on interest that you provided to Facebook.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  6. Here you can remove any of these interest to prevent the ads that you don’t wanted to see on your timeline. To do this simply hover you mouse to anyone and you will see two icon, the first one will leads you to the report and the second one to delete it from your interest list.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  7. You can see example ads by clicking on it. A popup windows will show with related ads on which you clicked. On the bottom it will ask you “Are you still interested in Slot machine?” click on smile face for yes and sad face to not interested.How to hide specific topics ads on Facebook
  8. Now save your changes and you won’t see any of those topics ads.
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