How to use Skype Without Signup or Downloading an App

Skype introduced a new and amazing feature which allows their lovers to use Skype as a free version without an account, you don’t need to create a new account or log in with an existing one but off-course there are some limitations while using Skype without ID. This is an online webs based Skype so no sign up and no download required for this. Just enter your name to start conversation and you will be considered as a temporary Skype user and a unique link will be created to add you in a conversation, you can share this link with anyone to start talking.How to use Skype without signup or downloading an App

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You can make video or audio calls with up to 25 peoples and have text conversation with up to 300 people. Free version also allows you to transfer files, share screen, translator the service’s real-time translation tool.

How to use Skype without creating an account

  1. It’s only available to web version of Skype, so you need open on your any browser you like.
  2. Now click on “Start a conversation”, a new window will show which wants you to “Enter your name to start. No sign up, no download”. You don’t need to have Skype account just enter the name you want and click on “Start a conversation”.
    How to use Skype without signup or downloading an App
  3. After clicking on start a conversation button, you will see a loading screen which means Microsoft is now preparing you free Skype account.
    How to use Skype without signup or downloading an App
  4. When everything’s ready you will be redirected to Skype free version home screen and a unique link will be  given which lets you to join conversations and share this link with your friend or anyone whom you want to talk via Facebook, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, email or you name it. Just share this unique link and have fun.
    How to use Skype without signup or downloading an App

You must know when using Skype as a guest, Skype link will only be valid for 24 hours, after that your all the conversations will be gone and you need to sign in as guest again to make it work and your new link will be different this time.

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