Whatsapp Tips & Tricks you should try

There are some my favorite Whatsapp tips, trick or hacks that I want to share with you guys. You might already know a few of it but If you know other tips or tricks please do share with me and I will add it to this list.

Read message without sending a read receipt

This trick will only work on 3D touch enabled iPhones. What you need to do just Open up the Whatsapp on your iPhone and then tap and hold with little pressure to have a peak on the chat that you want to read.


Pin Whatsapp chat

To pin a group or chat that always will be on the top of every chat just follow these steps on either iPhone or Android device. I noticed on my iPhone, you can pin only up to 3 chats.

Android: Open up Whatsapp on Android device, Tap and hold on a chat that you want to pin. Once this chat is checked, you will notice a pin icon on the top, just tap that icon. A gray pin icon on the right of your chat shows that this chat will remain on top.

iPhone: Open up the Whatsapp chats on your iPhone. Swipe left-right on a chat and you will reveal the Pin option. Just tap it to pin the chat quickly.

To unpin the chats you can follow the same above steps and just tap unpin instead pin option.

Make Text Bold, Italic or Strike

Yes, you can send a message in bold, italics and Strike in your WhatsApp. To send the complete message or few words in bold, Italics or Strike then just wrap your message or words in

Astriks (*) for making text bold, e.g. *A Bold Message* A Bold Message

Underscore (_) to make text Italics, _Italics text_ Italics text

Tilde sign (~) to Stike the text, e.g. ~Strike Through~ Strike Through.

Sharing Location

I was surprised when my friend ask me to share your location and then I found this cool feature and now used frequently and ask others as well.

To share your location with someone, choose a person to share your location with. On the chat, screen Tap the Plus (+) or Clip Icon near to the text box where you write the message. Next, Tap the Location icon and this will allow you to either Send your live location or Send your current location.

If you choose Live location you have to select the time duration like 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. This will share your location live to the other person for a specific time period. You can cancel sharing live location any time, just open up the chat and Tap Stop Sharing.

Staring Important messages for later

That tiny feature is really amazing your can star some important message that you may need later, It may be a URL, WiFi password, some Code, etc. It’s really difficult to find it from a huge list of messages, but here is how to start a message that you can easily find later after few days or months.

iPhone: Open a chat from where you want to star a message, tap and hold that message and just tap the Star option from the menu.

Android: On your Android just tap and hold the message and then you will see a few icons on the top, just tap the star icon.

To view the star messages of a group or person chat, open that group of person’s chat and tap on the Name on the top and see the option “Starred Messages.”

Tag and send a picture with the location

While sending a picture to friends or family on Whatsapp we can tag these pictures with our location. So, the receiver can see where we capture this picture. If you don’t know how to tag pictures with the location here is how to do.

  1. Open Whatsapp and click on a person or group name to send a picture.
  2. Capture a picture using the camera or select one from the photo library. In the picture preview Tap the Emoji icon on the top.
  3. On the next screen select the location tag and then Tap Select this location option. This will add a location tag on the selected picture. You can tap it to change the style or tap and move to a corner. This tag is clickable when the other user tap on this tag can see the tagged location.

Reply Whatsapp message on your computer

Whatsapp web or desktop version of Whatsapp is really handy when you are using a computer and pick up your phone to check the message. Solve this problem and use Whatsapp Web.

  1. Open up the browser on your computer and go to web.whatsapp.com and here you will see a QR code that you need to scan through your mobile.
  2. Open up Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android device.
    iPhone: Click the Settings icon bottom-right corner and select Whatsapp Web/Desktop option on iPhone.
    Android: Click the dotted menu icon top-right corner of the screen and then select WhatsApp Web/Desktop option from the menu.
  3. Tap Scan QR Code option and this will instantly load the Whatsapp interface right on your computer.

Group Video Calling

Whatsapp allows to make a group video call it’s really easy to do, what you have to do is just:

  1. Select a person name from the contacts list and then tap the Video icon on the top to make a video.
  2. During a video call with someone, you will notice an icon (person with a plus sign) on the top-right corner. Tap that icon and this will ask you to select another person to add to your video conversation. Select a person from the contacts list and then tap Add and this is how easy a group calling.
  3. Instantly you will see the new person in the Whatsapp group call.

Create a chat shortcut

If you want to create a chat shortcut of a person you contact more often then follow these steps on your Android device. I don’t know how to do that on iPhone If you know that please share below in comments.

  1. From your, Whatsapp tap on a chat or person from the list.
  2. Tap the dotted menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select More and then select Add Shortcut. This may ask to add icon automatically or manually touch and drag where you want to add.
  3. Now, press the home button to get back to the home screen and you will notice a new icon. Tapping this icon will take you directly to the Whatsapp chat screen.

Edit before sharing photos

Before sharing any picture/photos you can edit it right in the Whatsapp. When you select a photo to share in Whatsapp this will instantly open up the Photo editing screen. Tap the Edit (Pencil) icon top-right corner of the screen and then Tap crop icon and crop the photo, to add Emoji or text use the respective icons. Once done his the Send icon to deliver the edited version. This tool is really helpful when you want to mark something and focus on the specific area of the photo.

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