How to Delete Downloaded Videos to Save Space on iPhone and iPad

Videos are one of the major stuff that takes lots of storage space on your iPhone or iPad. When you keep downloading the videos and one day you will be out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a good idea to keep deleting the downloaded videos to free up space. In my experience when you have more space on your iOS device then your device will give optimum performance and battery life.

Delete Downloaded Videos on your iPhone or iPad

A real-life example is, when you download the Apple Fitness+ or Netflix videos to your iPhone or iPad, this will make your device storage full and you might see a message like “Your device’s storage is full.” But, don’t need to worry about it, you can free up the storage space by deleting the unwanted videos that you stored on your device. In this how-to guide, you will learn how to delete the downloaded videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Delete Downloaded Videos on your iPhone or iPad

  1. On your iOS device, open up the Settings app.
  2. Tap General and after that tap the “iPhone/iPad Storage.”
  3. Let it calculate the device’s storage, once done tap “Review Downloaded Videos” under the Recommendations section.
    NOTE: This option will only be available if you have downloaded the videos from Netflix, Fitness+, or other similar sources.
  4. Delete one by one: On the next screen, you will see the list of downloaded videos. Simply swipe on any video that you want to delete and then tap the Delete button.
    Delete multiple: If you want to delete multiple videos at once, simply tap the Edit button at the Top-Right corner of the screen and then tap the red minus buttons next to the videos you don’t need anymore and then tap Done.

If you want to save more space and want to know more ways to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad. You can delete the iOS update installation files that downloaded in the background and taking storage space on your device, you can delete that too, see how to delete iOS updates installation fiels from the device.

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