How to Share Internet from your Computer Windows 11

If you are looking for how to share a WiFi connection with other devices then this guide is for you. In this guide, you will learn a simple way to share your internet connection from Windows 11 laptop, desktop, or Surface devices to other WiFi-enabled devices like your iPhone, Android phone, other computers, or any gaming consoles as well.

Snapshot of the guide:

  • In this guide first, we turn on the Mobile hotspot option in Windows 11 under the Network & internet settings.
  • Once the hotspot is enabled, On another device scan for the Shared Wi-Fi and connect to it.
  • You can use this hotspot on another Wifi-enabled device like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

How to Share your Internet with other Devices

Note: The computer from where you sharing the internet must be running Windows 11.

  1. Simple, right-click on the Start button and select the Settings option from the menu.
  2. On the left side of the Settings window, select Network & Internet option.
  3. Scroll down a bit and click the Mobile hotspot option.
  4. Now, turn the Mobile hotspot switch On

    Note: As you can see another option is Power saving on the same screen. If this option is enabled, the hotspot will automatically turn off when no device is connected to it. So, decide whether you want to enable the power saving option or not.
  5. Expand the Properties to view the wireless network name and password. which is important and you have to enter this password on another device when you try to connect to this shared hotspot. If you want to change the name and password then click the Edit button.
  6. When you click the Edit button you will see a window like this. Enter the Network name and password and hit the Save button.

Now, from another device scan for the Wi-Fi network and then connect to it using the password that you see or set in the network properties.

Why share wifi from my PC?

It’s really useful when you don’t know the password of your Wi-Fi router and can’t connect to another device.

You can give temporary access to your wireless connection.

Can I share the internet from my PC?

If your computer can connect to a wireless internet connection it means you can share the internet from it.

Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi sharing isn’t working

Your wireless network adapter might not be capable to connect and share the internet simultaneously. So you should try sharing your Wi-Fi over Bluetooth. After sharing the internet over Bluetooth pair the other device using Bluetooth to start using the internet.

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