How to Set to Never Save Sent Messages

If you want to set your account to never save sent messages then just follow the steps below to make some settings to your account so after doing that your sent email messages will not be saved as a history anymore in your account, until you revert the change. Never Save Sent Messages [...]

New Yahoo! Mail Client for iPhone and iPod Touch

Yahoo has released a new Yahoo! Mail app for iPhone, and iPod Touch which is available free for download via App Store. New Yahoo! Mail client for iOS is redesigned with the focus on speed – getting through your emails is faster than ever before. Features Stay connected Access your inbox in just one tap [...]

How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Windows Phone

Finally, Google has enabled the feature to Sync Multiple Calendars through Google account to Windows Phone devices. At the moment official support is provided to sync 25 Google calendars to Windows Phone. Through guide below you can learn the process to do so, which is quite easy. See also: How to Set up Gmail in [...]

How to Create an Email Group on Gmail

If you have to send same email message to some of your colleagues in routine then it would be a better approach to lay them all under a group in Gmail, so that you do not need anymore to add each and every email address again and again to send email to a specific group [...]

How to Recover Hotmail Deleted Emails

If you mistakenly delete your some of important Hotmail email messages and want them back then Hotmail gives a stunning option of Recover Deleted Emails, so continue reading to know how to access that option in Hotmail. Recover Hotmail deleted emails Step-1 Get Sign in to your Hotmail account Step-2 In left-side panel, click on [...]

How to Change Default Outgoing Mail Account on iPhone

When you setup several email accounts on your iPhone, your device picks up your first added and active email and set it as default outgoing mail address. Now, if you wish to change your default outgoing mail on your iPhone then just follow the simple steps written below to do so. Change default outgoing mail account [...]

How to set up Gmail Account on Motorola XOOM Tablet

Using Email app on your Motorola XOOM Tablet you can set up Gmail and other email accounts easily. Follow the given steps to set up Gmail on XOOM tablet. Set up Gmail on XOOM Tablet Tap Apps on the home screen Tap Email app icon from the apps list To set up Gmail account, enter [...]

How to Get Email Address

One of the newest feature of Facebook social networking site is that it provides option to users to get a personalized email address. Now, if you do not know that how to get personal email address then following instructions can guide you perfectly. How to Get Email Address? Step-1 First of all [...]