How to Save Battery Power on BlackBerry PlayBook

You can save battery power by adjusting some power saving settings on PlayBook tablet. Follow some simple and effective ways written below that help you to save and extend your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet ‘s battery life. Set Applications behavior Tap “Settings” icon, tap “General” to change apps behavior that are running in the background Showcase: [...]

How to Standby, Turn Off or Restart BlackBerry PlayBook [Basics]

If you got your new PlayBook tablet and want to know how to put your tablet in Standby mode or Turn Off /Restart it then follow the given guide below. Enter or Exit Standby mode Press the power button at the top of the tablet To exit from Standby or Wakeup your tablet, swipe from [...]

Touch Sensitive Frame Gestures of BlackBerry PlayBook

Using BlackBerry PlayBook touch sensitive frame gestures you can navigate around your tablet from within apps. Follow the guide to learn more about PlayBook’s touch frame gestures. Wake-up PlayBook tablet When your tablet is in Sleep mode you can swipe from top frame to the bottom frame to wake up your tablet. Go back to [...]

How to Lock Screen Orientation on BlackBerry PlayBook

Using the lock orientation option on PlayBook you can lock the orientation of the device to portrait or landscape. See how to lock the screen orientation below. Lock screen orientation of PlayBook On BlackBerry PlayBook home screen, tap orientation lock icon from status bar and turn the switch on. If you are inside any app [...]

How to Connect to WiFi on BlackBerry PlayBook

You can connect to WiFi network on you BlackBerry PlayBook, If you want to connect to a wireless network on PlayBook then follow the given steps below. Connect to WiFi on PlayBook Tap “Settings” icon on top-right side of Status bar Tap WiFi, all available WiFi networks will be listed there. Tap one of the [...]