Show Only Active Applications In Mac OS X Dock

Suppose if there is a huge mess on Dock due to so many applications icons then it become hard to identify the running active applications quickly.

Here, a simple method which you may adopt to view only active applications on Mac dock and also the method to bring back all application icons. you can also see how to customize mac dock or add or remove applications in dock.

How to show only active application icons

Step 1

Click on Finder

Step 2

Go to Applications > Utilities and then double click on Terminal to launch

Step 3

Type following commands one after one in terminal and hit Enter key

defaults write static-only -bool TRUE

and then

killall Dock

Observe the following change in your Dock that it just only shows the active application’s icons

How to bring back all application icons on dock?

To bring back all application’s icons on Dock just set static-only -bool value to FALSE in query

Step 1

Type this command in terminal and press Enter key

defaults write static-only -bool FALSE

and then run following command

killall Dock

See, in Dock all the icons of application’s are back

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