How to Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac

If you are a Mac user then guide below will let you know how you can create encrypted Zip file on Mac using Terminal commands and protect your sensitive data. So, it will minimize the damage to your data if someone get unauthorized access to your Mac. Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac Find “Terminal” [...]

How to Set a Screensaver as Desktop Background on Mac

For the folks who wish to apply fascinating screen savers as desktop background on Mac may follow the simple instructions written below to do that. Although this Mac tip works temporary until your system is ON and on next session you have to perform the steps again to set screensaver as background. Anyway, still its [...]

How to Change Time Machine Backup Interval on Mac OS X

Time Machine is the built-in backup tool of Mac OS X and if you have enabled it on your Mac (See: how to setup Time Machine) then it refreshes backup after every 1 hour. As Time Machine on Mac is set to take backup after 3600 seconds which represents to 1 hour so whenever you [...]

Show Only Active Applications In Mac OS X Dock

Suppose if there is a huge mess on Dock due to so many applications icons then it become hard to identify the running active applications quickly. Here, a simple method which you may adopt to view only active applications on Mac dock and also the method to bring back all application icons. you can also [...]

How To Enable/Disable Folder Contents Quick Look View On Mac

The purpose to enable this option is to view the contents of folders quickly without opening them. You can View multipages Microsoft Office documents and PDF files, watch videos, view pictures slideshow and more with Quick look option. On Mac OS X it is very easy to enable Quicklook. So, here we are writing the [...]

How to Change Root Password on Mac

Root user in Mac OS is an individual user, different than administrators and has exclusive rights and powers to make any change to the system. If you forgot the password of Mac OS Root user, see how to recover Root password using different methods in Mac OS. In this guide, you will see how to [...]

How to Force Quit an Application On Mac OS X Using Terminal

To quit a stuck application you may use Force Quit option on Mac but sometimes the stuck application does not accept Force Quit. So, in that case you may kill the application by using commands on Terminal. The method written below helps you to know that how can you kill an application through command line. [...]

How to Set Timer to Take Screenshot on Mac Using Terminal

If you want to take screenshots of any movie or application with a specific time interval on Mac OS X then manually it is a little bit difficult task to manage. So, here we are writing a simple method which let you allow to take unlimited screenshots automatically and you may also set time interval [...]

How to Take Screenshot On Mac Using Terminal Commands

The terminal allows to capture screenshots after a specific time interval and you can also save a screenshot in some other file formats like JPG, TIFF, etc otherwise by default Mac saves screenshots in PNG format. How to Take Screen Shot Via Terminal On Mac Follow the method written below to take a screenshot on [...]

Convert Text Files to Audio Using Mac Terminal

Text documents could be created for different useful purposes as for audio notes, tutorials, lectures, etc….. Mac has a very powerful text to speech engine that could be accessed easily through the Terminal command line. So, here we tell you about a Terminal command “Say”, by which you can easily create audio from text file. [...]

How to Convert DMG File to ISO Using Terminal on Mac

If you want to convert a Mac disk image file DMG to ISO format than its not much a difficult task. This conversion could be done through Mac Terminal easily. The reason behind this conversion is that DMG is a file format which works on Mac only but if you want to transfer any DMG [...]