What is ipodservice.exe Process, Complete ipodservice Information

Today, we share some important information regarding ipodservice.exe process with Windows system users,

The ipodservice.exe is an application process by Apple integrated with iTunes version for Microsoft Windows operating system, so let’s see what is the role of this process in Windows environment?

ipodservice.exe what is this

What is ipodservice.exe process?

The ipodservice is the part of Apple iTunes media suite and when you install iTunes on your Windows system ipodservice.exe will also install and running as a process in Task Manager automatically.


The actual purpose of ipodservice.exe process is to establish the syncing process between iTunes and device like iPod on Windows.

Is ipodservice.exe a virus?

The ipodservice.exe is not a virus, it is an iTunes application process file created by Apple, but any virus may use the same file name to hide from the system user so the best way to avoid viruses is to perform system scan with a powerful anti-virus application to identify and remove harmful files.

Where is ipodservice.exe located?

Ipodservice.exe location may be different on your computer, usually ipodservice.exe is located in C:\Program Files\iPod\bin

How to disable ipodservice.exe?

The ipodservice.exe runs all the time and eats system memory, which means it is useless for the users who do not have device to sync with iTunes, so it will be a good approach to disable ipodservice.exe save some memory usage.

In following you may find the method to disable ipodservice.exe from stratup on your Windows 7 or Vista system.


Step 1

Simply navigate to Control panel > Administrative tools > Services

Here from the list of services select iPod Service, right click and select Properties

In following window select Disabled from Startup type list box, click on Stop button and then click on Apply button. Now ipodservice.exe is stopped and disabled.


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Zap April 21, 2010, 6:00 pm

Disable it

Mani April 30, 2010, 7:13 am

ipodservice.exe is not virus

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