How to Add PDF Files to iBooks with Dropbox

This is quite an easy method to add PDF files to iBooks with Dropbox. How you have to do that all, learn through following step by step guide. Dropbox provides 2GB free online space to store files which is expendable with paid Pro services. Dropbox app is also free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

PDF to iBooks using Dropbox
Here is the method which guides that how you can add PDF to iBooks through Dropbox.

Add PDF to iBooks with Dropbox


To create Dropbox account, Signup on Dropbox


Download and install Dropbox app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via iTunes


Sign in to your Dropbox account through PC/Mac and upload your PDF files there


Launch “Dropbox app” on your iPad


Tap on “Dropbox” button in left upper corner of Dropbox app screen


Navigate to specific folder of Dropbox, where you have saved uploaded PDF files, and there select your required PDF file and tap on it to add to iBooks. The PDF file loading process will take time, so be patient


When your PDF get loaded, tap on “Open with” button in the right upper corner of Dropbox app screen and select “iBooks” from list of available options

Your PDF will be saved to iBooks for future reading, so enjoy it.

We followed this method to add PDFs to iBooks on iPad. So, try it on your iPhone and iPod Touch and let us know in comments that how it works.

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useful tips you sharing. thanks

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