iBooks FairPlay DRM Cracked Now

Here is a news from MobileRead forum that its possible now to crack FairPlay iBooks Digital Rights Management (DRM) with the latest version of available DRM-removal tool in iTunes Store, Requiem ver 3.3.

Previously, Requiem was used to remove DRM from music and videos purchased from Apple but now that’s compatible to remove DRM from eBooks of iBookStore, which means now users can read their purchased eBooks on non-Apple devices which have support for ePub eBooks format.

It is now possible to remove the DRM from epub ebooks bought in Apple’s iBooks store. “Brahms”, has recently released a new version, 3.3, of his Requiem software, which has been able to remove DRM from music and videos bought in the iTunes Music Store for a long time. This new version can also remove the DRM from Apple’s epub format ebooks.

For the legal issues we are not providing guide to remove DRM restriction on iBooks but it is recommanded to act fast as Apple will surely fix this exploit in coming iTunes update.


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