How to Add Dial Extension Number Button to Contacts on iPhone

Apple’s iOS includes a functionality that allows users to add Dial Extension button to contacts. So, continue reading after the break as the guide below is quite helpful if you are the one who have a lot of contacts to whom you have to access by dialing their extension numbers manually.


Add Dial Extension Number Button to Contact on iPhone


To add new contact go to Contatcts app on iPhone and press “+” button there or if you want to add extension to an existing contact than from contacts list tap on that specific contact and tap on “Edit” button there


Tap on the field to enter a number infront of mobile or home field. If you are editing your contact then tap on its feeded number and be sure the cursor must be at the end of number


Now, tap “+*#” button


Tap on “wait” button and in result you will observe a semicolon “;” which is added by the end of phone number. Type the extension number after the semicolon, press Done button to finish and close Contacts app



Now, make a call to the contact with extension from Address book on iPhone, and observe a Dial button with extension number will appear which you can use to dial extension as per need

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