How to Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone


Apple has included Panorama Photos capability in iOS 6 firmware, which is quite an appreciated feature that let you allow to take wide range of landscape photos with your iPhone’s camera.

Normally, users shoot horizontal panorama photos with iPhone but here is a quick tip to take vertical panorama photos which will be more clear in comparison of horizontal panorama photos.

How to Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone


Launch “Camera app” on iPhone


Tap on “Options” button and then tap “Panorama”


Rotate your iPhone continuously into the landscape orientation and start to take a panorama photo


Have a look at your taken panorama photo, which is automatically taken as Vertical orientation, so you do not need to rotate photo manually for vertical orientation.


Now, just take a tour to shoot vertical Panorama photos on iPhone with iOS 6, and write down your words in comments section.

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