Force Close All iPhone or iPod Apps at Once and Clear Memory

Since Apple introduced multitasking since iOS version 4, the hottest and most debated topic is close all the recent apps at once. When lending your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Siblings, kids and friends, its not uncommon to have your devices without opening any app and then closing all the apps one by one is very hard to do. The hard part can be done somehow but battery will drain much faster than normal if different unwanted apps work in background.

iPhone Multitasking and apps running in the background handled very well by iOS and you don’t need to close them manually. Because it may take more processing and of course use more battery when you reopen it again. But, apps that are running in the background are taking memory, processing power and you must notice unwanted apps and close them all.

Force quit all apps at once iPhone or iPad

If you really wants to kill all the background apps and clear all the RAM (random access memory), In this article we have covered how to close all the apps running in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at once without jailbreaking your iOS. Simply follow the instructions below, actually it’s pretty simple, this trick works even you have two apps or 50 app running in background.

First press and hold power button until you see “Slide to power off” your device option.


Now press and hold “Home” button until you see the home screen again and walaaah! all the recent apps are closed at once and cleared the iPhone and iPad memory taken by apps.

Once you double press the home button you might see the stack of running apps, don’t worry these are just thumbnails of apps. Actually they are force killed and RAM is also cleared. To confirm that just double click home button, tap a background app thumbnail and you will notice iOS loading app from start not resuming it.

Force close apps on iPhone or iPod

Closing more than one app and maximum three at the same time was introduced in iOS 8 with multi finger gesture, just swipe-up with three finger to force quit 3 apps at once. This method will close single or three apps at once and also clear memory of iPhone or iPad taken by these specific apps.

Double press the home button on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you will see stack of running apps simple swipe-up to kill each app one by one.




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