How to Setup AirPrint to Print Wirelessly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Using AirPrint you can print your documents, photos, web pages, etc wirelessly directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to an AirPrint enabled printer.

AirPrint Requirments

  • Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must have iOS 4.2 or above installed.
  • You must have an AirPrint enabled printer See the list.
  • You can use AirPrint option from Mail, Photos, Safari, iBooks and other third-party apps available in App Store.

Setup Printer

  • Both your device and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure AirPrint is enabled in printer settings (for more details check your printer documentation)

Print Wirelessly from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

  • On your device choose the content you want to print from an app like Mail, Photos, Safari, etc.
  • Tap the similar icon as shown below in the screenshot to see the printer options and tap “Print” button to print the document.

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