How to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Networks on BlackBerry

If you have many Wi-Fi networks saved on your BlackBerry mobile device then here is a guide that let you instruct to clean up all extra Wi-Fi networks from your device, so just continue reading after the break. Delete Wi-Fi Networks on Blackberry Step-1 Go to “Options” > “Networks and Connections” option Step-2 Select “Wi-Fi [...]

Access PC Windows 7 Files From Mac OS X Lion

If you are using both Mac and PC at your home or office and want to access Windows 7 Files on Mac OS X Lion, in this guide you will see how to do that. If you want to see the reverse method then i have already posted that how to access Mac OS X [...]

How to Setup AirPrint to Print Wirelessly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Using AirPrint you can print your documents, photos, web pages, etc wirelessly directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to an AirPrint enabled printer. AirPrint Requirments Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must have iOS 4.2 or above installed. You must have an AirPrint enabled printer See the list. You can use AirPrint option from [...]

Turn Off Network Discovery, File/Printer Sharing and Public Folder Sharing In Windows 7

If some sharing options are enabled on your computer like File Sharing, Public Folder Sharing or Network Discovery then definitely there is a security risk involved. Although, your installed firewall provides protection but still there are precautionary measures exist which may protect your system against unseen security threats. So, in following we are just writing [...]

How to Find MAC Address on Mac OS X

We already posted how to find MAC address on PC and now here you can see how to find MAC address on Mac. Just follow the given steps to find this. Find MAC address on Mac Select “System Preferences” from “Apple” menu. Click on “Network” icon to open network settings. Select the “AirPort” icon and [...]

How to Enable File Sharing between Windows 7 and Windows XP

Windows 7 comes with a great feature called HomeGroup that makes sharing between windows 7 machines very easy. We have already written on sharing files and printers between Windows 7 based computers here: How to Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 Based Computers with HomeGroup Unfortunately, HomeGroup feature is not compatible with Windows XP [...]