How to Turn Off iPhone or iPad Without Power Button

Are you looking for an option to shut down your iPhone or iPad without power button? iPhone or iPad power button might not work, or you want to turn off your iPhone or iPad when going to ship it to someone and want to preserve the battery. Whatever is the reason, in this guide, you will learn how to shut down or turn off your iPad or iPhone without using the power button.

shut down iphone or ipad no power button

While using PC or Mac computer, we alway shutdown computer from software menu. Power down options is available in Apple menu on MacOS and under Start menu on Windows PC. Mobile device users always use physical button to power down the device. Do you ever think of turning off iPhone or iPad through software menu?

Apple introduces a lot of new feature in iOS 11, including an option to shut down iPhone or iPad from the settings menu instead using physical power or side button. Remember, shutting down iPhone or iPad through software option is only available on iOS 11 or later iOS versions only. The device that has iOS version older that iOS 11 will not have software level shut down option.


Shut Down iPhone or iPad Without Using Power Button

In this guide, see how to power off iPhone or iPad without using a button, follow the give steps below. We usually shut down iPhone or iPad using physical sleep/wake/power/side button. Press and hold the power button for a while, and you will see a message “Slide to power off,” slide it, and your iPhone or iPad will be powered off.

  1. Open the iPhone or iPad Settings, tap the General option.and
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, here tap Shut Down, and you will be asked to slide to power off your device.

Once you do that your iPhone or iPad will turned off completely.

Why shut down iPhone or iPad?

  • Broken power button.
  • Mounted iPhone or iPad in a car where unable to press the physical power button.
  • Disabled persons might not be able to use physical button.
  • For shipping purpose, sending iPhone or iPad to a buyer.
  • Preserve battery when not using or out of coverage area.
  • iPhone or iPad not responding, If this is the case you might also need to do a force reset iPhone.
  • There might be any other reasons to do that and iOS 11 software level shut down option is handy in some cases.

This Shutdown option is not available in older iOS version so in that case, you have to use AssistiveTouch on-screen menu. AssistiveTouch is available under Accessibility in iPhone or iPad settings.

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