How to Import SIM Card Contacts to Your iPhone

If you have bought a brand new iPhone, then you might have to Import contacts stored on a SIM card to your phone memory to access and use them. There is an iOS setting that allows users to transfer SIM card contacts to their iPhone easily.


  • Make sure you have correct size SIM card for your iPhone. You might need to trim the SIM card from your previous phone to make the right size.
  • iOS doesn’t allow iPhone users to store contacts on SIM card. So If you are switching from another phone to an iPhone and in future, you might want to transfer Contacts between iOS devices, then you can backup contacts on iCloud.

It’s tough to type the numbers one by one and save it to mobile phone memory. Apparently, it’s terrible and time wasting method. So we have written this guide to show you the process of importing SIM contacts to iPhone memory is pretty simple and you can do in just a few steps. Let’s get started.

Import contacts from your SIM card to iPhone

Follow the steps given below to import contacts stored on SIM card to your iPhone.

  1. First, get the SIM card that has contacts.
  2. When the sim card inserted in iPhone, let the iOS load the SIM card. Open Settings on your iPhone and then scroll down to select Contacts. If you can’t see Contacts option, then see this guide.
  3. Once you are in Contacts settings, here at the bottom, you will find the “Import SIM Contacts” option.
  4. Tap Import SIM Contacts, and wait for a while. Follow the on-screen instructions If prompted.

It will take some time, and after the finish, you can see your SIM contact in your iPhone memory.


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