How to Switch to Android from iPhone, The EASY WAY!

 Many new users of iOS find it difficult to use the iPhone that is why they soon want to move from iPhone to Android. Our article will help you to move your personal data from iPhone to your new Android phone without having fear of losing it.

move from iphone to android phone

How to Move from iPhone to Android

It is a very rare case that an iOS user wants to switch from iPhone to Android. But if you have made your mind, do not worry about losing your stuff like photos, videos, contacts, notes, and many more things as it is very easy to transfer your iPhone data to an Android phone.

It becomes very easy for those users who already have their Google account and using Google’s services like Gmail, Music, Photos and etc. do not worry if you don’t have a Google account already, make one for yourself and feel easy to transfer your data from and iOS device to Android phone.


Move your contacts to Android from iPhone

The very first thing that every user wants to move from his iOS device to an Android device is his contacts. Contacts are the most important thing on every phone.

Your linked account has everything stored in it so as your contacts too. If you have linked your Gmail account with your device then it is pretty easy to move contacts from iPhone to Android. In order to check which account you are using for your data backup, follow our step to finding out.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Calendar.
  3. Tap Default Account.

If you see your Gmail account set as your default account, you just need to do is to sign in to your Gmail account from your Android smartphone.

But if you find your iCloud account set as your default account for contacts, then it will be best for you to transfer your contacts as vCards files. You can transfer as many contacts as you want. Select each contact and choose share contact. You can email your vCard files to your Gmail account and whenever you need just sign in to your Gmail account from your Android phone and save each file into your Android smartphone.

Now if you want to get All the contacts at one time, it is easier for you to do. Just visit on your Mac or PC and download your contacts.

  1. Open using your browser.
  2. Sign in to your iCloud account.
  3. Open the Address Book.
  4. Click the Gear icon and choose Select All.
  5. Click the Gear icon and choose Export vCard.

The VCF file will be download to your Mac or PC. Now open your Gmail account, select Contacts then go to More, then go to Import and select the file you downloaded.

Move Photos, Music, and media from iPhone to Android

It has become very easy to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your new Android device. You just need to download the Google Photos iOS app from the App Store for this purpose.

  1. Download Google photos from the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Open Google Photos.
  3. Sign in with your Google Account.
  4. Choose Backup & Sync. It’s best not to use mobile data to back up unless you have unlimited data
  5. Tap Continue.

Now it’s time to transfer your entire music collection from your iPhone to your new Android smartphone. You can transfer your music using the Google music app and you need to install the Music Manager App from the App Store for your Mac. This app will transfer your entire music collection in iTunes to your Google cloud. So you can enjoy all your music on your Android smartphone.

What to do with your Apple watch?

Apple Watch is a very useful gadget that you will really miss while using your Android smartphone. Apple watch can only come to use with iPhone and you cannot use it with your Android smartphone. Its software is designed to work with iOS only, so you cannot attach your Apple watch with your Android phone.


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