How to Download a Copy of your Facebook Data

Are you thinking about closing Facebook account? Facebook already have all the information and your data related to your account usage from day one. Even deleting of closing account is not the case, you might want to download and save a copy of all the data of Facebook account then this guide is for you.

You will be amazed what Facebook knows after downloading the information archive. Here is how to do download the Facebook history data. Learn more: How to delete Facebook history?

What Facebook knows

Before knowing how to download data, let’s talk about the data first what Facebook saves and knows about you. Basically, your all the history of doing anything on Facebook is saved including your posts, links, comments, messages, friends, payment information, search history, login information and much more. The below-mentioned list is showing what kind of data has saved on Facebook and how much of data you can download from Facebook. Facebook gives you access to your data which has already been stored on Facebook’s server.

  • Posts
    Posts you’ve shared on Facebook, posts that are hidden from your timeline, and polls you have created
  • Photos and Videos
    Photos and videos you’ve uploaded and shared
  • Comments
    Comments you’ve posted on your own posts, on other people’s posts or in groups you belong to
  • Likes and Reactions
    Posts, comments, and Pages you’ve liked or reacted to
  • Friends
    The people you are connected to on Facebook
  • Following and Followers
    People, organizations or business you choose to see content from, and people who follow you
  • Messages
    Messages you’ve exchanged with other people on Messenger
  • Groups
    Groups you belong to, groups you manage and your posts and comments within the groups you belong to
  • Events
    Your responses to events and a list of the events you’ve created
  • Profile Information
    Your contact information, the information you’ve written in your About You section in your profile, and your Life Events
  • Pages
    Pages you are the admin of
  • Marketplace
    Your activity on Marketplace
  • Payment History
    A history of payments you’ve made through Facebook
  • Saved Items
    A list of the posts you’ve saved
  • Your Places
    A list of places you’ve created
  • Apps and Websites
    Apps and websites you log into using Facebook and apps you admin
  • Other Activity
    Activity associated with your account, such as Pokes given and received
  • Ads
    Ads topics that are most relevant to you, advertisers who have collected information directly from you and information you’ve submitted to advertisers
  • Search History
    A history of your searches on Facebook
  • Location History
    A history of precise locations received through Location Services on your device
  • Calls and Messages
    Logs of your calls and messages that you’ve chosen to share in your device settings
  • About You
    Information associated with your Facebook account
  • Security and Login Information
    A history of your logins, logouts, periods of time that you’ve been active on Facebook and the devices you use to access Facebook.

Download a copy of your Facebook data

  1. Go to your Facebook account using a browser on your PC or Mac, Log in to your account and then go to the Settings page.
  2. There you will find the You Facebook Information option in the left column, click on it.
  3. Now from the many given options, click on the 2nd one which is “Download Your Information, Download a copy of your information to keep, or to transfer to another service.”
  4. Click on the Create File button and Facebook will start creating a file of Facebook information. Before creating a data file you can choose a specific date range, file format, and media quality. Not only that also check what you want to add to the Facebook information file.
  5. You will be seeing a work on a process which shows your file is being processed.
  6. Wait until Facebook gives you notification of your data is ready to download.
  7. Click on download the data. You will be prompted to enter your password then click on submit then downloading will start automatically.

Do you really want to close your facebook account? there see this guide how to close Facebook account the right way.

Share your thoughts of having your Facebook information file in your hands in the comment section below.

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