How to Stop Apps and Services to Access Your Facebook Data (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC)

There might be some third-party apps or online services that you might not use now but they were allowed to access your Facebook data. So, clean them up and stop them accessing your Facebook data.

stop Apps and Services Access to Your Facebook Data

Today’s world has been surrounded by thousands of apps which we are using for some purposes like some are using different games apps, some are using apps for the sake of entertainment like watching movies, listening songs and getting information but do you know? Whenever you are asked by those third-party apps to sign in by using your Facebook account, Facebook is handing over permission to those apps to your all the public as well as your private information.

After giving free hands to those apps, apps can see your information, like about your friends and even see what’s your favorite Facebook group is. The thing to highlight here is that this permission never expires, if you are thinking that you have given the access years ago and now those apps have nothing to do with your information, you are mistaken. They can still see and use your data until unless you remove them.


Sometimes we forget that to how many apps we already have given permission to access our data. So the best way to keep your data safe from those apps is, to regularly check the third party list and see to which app you are providing your information.

Do not worry, you can stop those apps to collect your data. Just follow our guide step by step and kick those unused apps which are becoming a threat to your privacy.

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Facebook privacy check

Perform a privacy checkup to remove unwanted apps (Via iPhone Facebook app)

Facebook provides its user a ‘Privacy Checkup’ and with the help of that tutorial, you can remove undesired apps in a blink. Here is how to do that.

  1. Tap on your Facebook app and launch it.
  2. Now tap on bottom-right corner to open Menu tab. Menu button location on Android might be different.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Settings and Privacy and then on Settings
  4. Scroll down a bit and tap on Privacy settings.
  5. Now tap on the very first option which is being appeared as Check a few important settings. It will start your Privacy Check-up
  6. Click on next
  7. Now Facebook will show you, your personal information which you have already set to share with the public, friends of friends, or only me. Make it sure that your information is rightly set.
  8. Slide from right to left, there you will find apps and websites that you have used Facebook to log in to. Review your apps.
  9. If you see any unknown app there, Mark it by tapping on a white circle appearing on the right side of that app.
  10. Click on remove, if you do not want that app to access your data. Once you are done with removing apps, tap on Done.

Note: if you have too many apps to review and you want all of them to not to access your data. Facebook has another hidden and surprising way to do that. Turning that option on will automatically turn off all the data connection between your Facebook and the third-party app.

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Disable app platform altogether

Using the Facebook app

  1. From your device, Tap on your Facebook app and launch it.
  2. Now tap on the bottom-right corner to open Menu tab.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Settings and Privacy and then on Settings.
  4. From the Security section, Tap on Apps and Websites.
  5. From the Preferences section, tap on Apps, websites, and games.
  6. Tap on Turn off to disable your app platform altogether.

Using a Web browser.

  1. Open the Facebook page on any web browser.
  2. Log in to Facebook using your ID.
  3. Click on to open Menu tab from the right side of the page.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. Then from the left side of the page, click on Apps and websites.
  6. Now under the heading of Preferences, Apps, websites, and games click on edit
  7. Click on turn off to disable the platform

You have successfully blocked the apps from accessing your Facebook information. Keep checking this in future to maintain the privacy and security of your account data.

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