Export and Import Customized Power Plans Windows 10

Windows power plan is a combination of Windows settings and hardware settings which manage how computers consume or use power based on performance or power saving. Windows power plan also is known as a power scheme. You can also create your own power plan for other specific computers or just use the recommended balance plan.

Windows power plan

By default there are three power plans are available in Windows 10:

  1. Balanced
    Automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware.
  2. Power saving
    Saves energy by reducing your computer’s performance where possible.
  3. High Performance
    Favors performance but may use more energy.

See the currently selected power plan

If you don’t know which power plan is currently selected on your PC then Press the Windows key and type “Power Plan” and then select “Choose a power plan” from the search results. You can change the power plan here to modify it according to your need. To create a new plan, on the same windows click “Create a power plan” option on the left side.

Windows power plan

You can also customize these Windows 10 built-in power plans according to your need or create new from scratch. These power plans which you create or customize can be export and import to other computers or can be imported to the same computer after installing fresh Windows.


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Let’s have a look at how to export and import power plan in Windows 10. Remember your account must have administrative rights to do this.

Export power plan in Windows 10

  1. Open command prompt (cmd), Press Windows key and start typing cmd, then right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. In the Command Prompt window type these command carefully and hit enter every time. This command will show the list of existing power plan available on your computer.
    powercfg /L or powercfg /List
  3. As I have two power plan right now. One is default balanced and other is the customized name (My custom Plan 1). In cmd type below command and hit enter.
    powercfg -export "%UserProfile%\Desktop\PowerPlanBackup.pow" GUID (replace GUID with your power plan code like below).
    powercfg -export "%UserProfile%\Desktop\PowerPlanBackup.pow" 0385277c-56e3-4324-9e7a-a821a08810f0
  4. Your power plan will be exported to your windows desktop in .pow extension

Import power plan in Windows 10

  1. To import power plan you need open cmd with administrator privileges.
  2. Now enter following command and hit enter.
    powercfg -import "Full path of the .pow file (Replace Full path of .pow file with the exported .pow file) like if your power plan file is on desktop.
    powercfg -import "%UserProfile%\Desktop\PowerPlanBackup.pow"
  3. That’s it, now the computer will also have the same power plan as you need.

There are plenty of option to customize your power plan, If you need any further help to know it please leave a comment below in comments and we will happy to help you.


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