Different Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

In Windows 10 I used to open up the Task Manager from the taskbar. When you right-click on the taskbar and there was an option to open Task Manager. In Windows 11 this option is removed, don’t worry there is more than one way to open Task Manager in Windows 11. You can use the keyboard shortcut, through a simple Run command, or even from the Start button. Let’s see how to access Task Manager in Windows 11 quickly.

5 Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

I am going to tell you 5 different ways to open Task Manager quickly that include shortcuts as well. After learning the different ways you can choose one that you like.

  1. Start Button

    To launch the Task Manager, right-click on the Start button and then select Task Manager from the menu.

  2. Task Manager Keyboard Shortcut

    Just press the keyboard keys combination Ctrl+Shift+Escape and Task Manager will appear instantly. This Windows 10 shortcut to start Task Manager still works in Windows 11.

  3. Keyboard Shortcut 2

    Pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys from the keyboard will open a different screen with few options in the middle, where you can see the Task Manager option to open it.

  4. Run Command / Command Prompt

    Press Windows+R keyboard shortcut to open up the Run windows and type taskmgr and hit OK to open the Task Manager. You can also use the same command taskmgr in the Command Prompt window.

  5. Search Task Manager

    Press the Windows key from the keyboard, this will open up the Start menu. Just start typing task manager and this will search the task manager app for you.

There might be a couple of more ways to access the Task manager but, the ways I mentioned above are the best. My favorite way to open Task manager is either pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Escape shortcut keys or just right-click on the Start button and select Task Manager from it.


Was that helpful, what is your favorite option? If you have any questions related to Windows 11 Task Manager, please leave a comment below and we will love to answer it

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