Auto Hibernate Windows 11/10 PC When Battery Is Low

My laptop’s battery was not stable and discharged really quickly and especially when gets down to 20% approximately. Some time its shutdown unexpectedly without notifying anything and I lose my unsaved files most of the time. So I decided to auto hibernate my Windows when the laptop’s battery is lower than 10%.

Snapshot of the guide:

  • First, we need to modify the Power settings from the Control Panel and set a battery percentage that Windows will consider as Low Battery Level. It’s good to set that level from 10%-30% whatever you think is suitable.
  • Next, we need to set the Low Battery Action to Hibernate from the same settings window.
  • Save the settings and that’s it.

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How to Automatically Hibernate Your Laptop When Battery Is Low

  1. Open up the Control Panell, press shortcut keys Windows+R from the keyboard. This will open a Run window, type Control Panel in ti and click OK.
  2. Next, in the Control Panel window select the System and Security option.
  3. Select Power Options from the System and Security-related screen.
  4. Here, you can see all the power-related options for your PC. As you can see the Selected plan is “Balanced (recommended)” on my computer. Click the Change Plan settings option in front of the selected power plan.

    NOTE: on your PC the selected plan might be different so don’t worry just click the Change plan settings on the right side of the selected plan.
  5. On the next screen click the “Change advance power settings” as shown below.
  6. This will open up separate Power Options windows. Set the battery percentage to consider as low battery.
    Expand the Battery option and then expand the “Low battery level” option.
    Here you need to set the percentage of the battery that Windows will consider as the low battery of your laptop. I am going to set it to 10% for “On battery” or even when “Plugged in”.
  7. Now, scroll down a bit and expand the “Low battery action” to set and Hibernate action when the battery is low to 10% or whatever to set in the Low battery level option in the previous step.
    Under the Low battery action option, you will see the Do nothing action is selected by default for both “On battery” and “Plugged in” options. Just select the Hibernate option from both drop-downs.
    Click Apply button and then OK to save the settings.

That’s it guys you have successfully applied the settings to auto hibernate Windows 11 / 10 PC on low battery.

Was that helpful for you? please leave a comment below if you have any questions related to Windows Hibernate / Power-related options.

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