How to Fix “TubeBuddy Sign-in Required, Click Here” Error Message

I was installing the TubeBuddy extension in the Chrome browser for my YouTube channel. But, after installing it I was unable to sign in to it and, I kept seeing a message “TubeBuddy Sign-in Required, Click Here.” I tried again and again but everything end up with this error on the youtube Dashboard.

In this guide I will show your how to fix the error: TubeBuddy Sign-in Required, Click Here problem. You just need to modify some permissions in the Chrome browser for the TubeBuddy extension. Follow the given steps below to resolve the TubeBuddy sign-in issue.

Fix: TubeBuddy Sign-in Required… problem

  1. As you can see in the screenshot, getting the TubeBuddy sign-in error message.
  2. I didn’t get any TubeBuddy icon here, even I entered the correct username and password for the YouTube account and give all the permissions to the extension. But after successful login, it redirects to that page and didn’t show the TubeBuddy button here.
  3. I clicked the extension icon in the browser toolbar and it asked me to reload the page to use this extension.
  4. I reloaded the page, but, the same TubeBuddy error message again.
  5. Here is the solution to this problem, just click the TubeBuddy extension icon in the browser toolbar and then select Manage extensions.
  6. On the next page make sure TubeBuddy is turned on.
  7. In the Permissions sections, make sure the switches are turned on for the YouTube and TubeBudddy websites, see the screenshot below. Once done, close this page and go back to the YouTube dashboard.
  8. Click the TubeBuddy icon and sign in again using your YouTube username and password.
  9. This time you will successfully be logged in and there will be no error message.

So, this is how you can fix the TubeBuddy Sign-in required error message.


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