How To Create Windows 11 USB Flash Drive – Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Crating Windows 11 USB drive is very simple, you just need to download a tool from the Microsoft website, and the remaining steps are simple as 123. There are a few things you must take care of when you create a Windows 11 bootable USB. Continue reading to start the process.

Requirements Before start creating the USB make sure you have the following things ready.

  • A USB flash drive of at least 8GB.
  • Make sure you saved everything from the USB flash drive that you are going to use for making Windows 11 bootable USB. Any data on that USB will be erased during this process.
  • You need an Internet connection.
  • You also need Microsft Media Creation Tool, below in the first step you can find the link to download.

How to Create Windows 11 USB Flash Drive

Please make sure you read all the steps carefully to make the USB without and errors.

  1. Download media tool

    Open up a browser like Google Chrome and go to the following URL:

  2. Once the web page is loaded, scroll down a bit and go to the section “Create Windows 11 Installation Media” as shown below in the screenshot.
  3. This will start downloading the Media Creation Tool. Once the download is completed, run the setup: double click to run it or right-click and select the Open option from the menu.
  4. Creating Windows 11 USB

    You have to accept the license terms and click the Accept button.

  5. On the next screen, you can select the language and edition for Windows. These two options are selected automatically according to the current install Windows version.But, you can change it by deselecting the “Use the recommended options for the PC” option. Just Uncheck this option and change the Language and Edition according to your need.
  6. Set the options according to your requirements and click the Next button.
  7. On the next screen, you can select and either create Windows 11 bootable USB flash drive or create a download and create an ISO file to burn it later on a DVD. I am going to select a USB flash drive.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the USB drive you are going to use for creating bootable Windows 11 USB must be at least 8GB and you don’t have anything important on it. During making Windows 11 bootable USB everything will be deleted from the USB flash drive. So, connect the USB flash drive with your computer, select the USB Flash Drive option and click Next.

  8. Here, you can see the USB drive is available to select. If you have more than one USB storage device connected to your computer. There are chances you select the wrong device here. So, to be safe just unplug the other device temporarily, or make sure you just select the correct drive from the list. Drives letters can help you to identify the correct USB drive, as you can see I am selected G: removable drive.Once selected the correct flash drive, click Next.
  9. On the next screen, you will see it starts downloading Windows 11, and it’s in progress. Windows 11 is approx. 5GB in size and it may take some time, it depends on your speed of internet. During this process, you can use the computer you normally do.
  10. Windows 11 USB flash drive is ready

    Once the Windows 11 download is completed, it will create a USB flash drive from the Windows 11 files. You will that screen, your USB flash drive is ready, and also show the drive letter.

  11. As you can see in the File Explorer the ESD-USB (G:) drive is ready. On your computer, the drive letter may be different.
  12. Inside the bootable USB drive, you can see the Windows 11 files are ready to be installed. Using this USB you can clean install Windows 11 on your PC and even dual boot Windows 11 and Windows 10.
  13. Click the Finish button on the Media Create Toll window and this will delete all the temp files from your computer that used to create Windows 11 USB flash drive.

Wasn’t that easy?

So, this is how you can make a bootable USB flash drive for Windows 11 installation. You can use this USB to install Windows 11 on multiple computers multiple times. You can save this bootable USB to use whenever you want to install Windows 11 on any desktop or laptop computer.

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