How to Enable Download to Google Drive Option in Google Docs

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage similar to Dropbox where users can store their files, documents, media stuff etc. Now, through guide below you will learn how to enable Google Drive for Google Docs which is at the moment in testing phase and available to limited users.

Enable Download to Google Drive Option in Google Docs


Launch Chrome browser and Sign-in to Google Docs, with your Google ID and password


In Chrome click on “Customize and control Google Chrome button” and then click “Tools” > “Developer tools” from menu


Click “Scripts” tab and select “Program” file


Search for “config[‘cookieFetchElement’]”, then click on its line number, that will change color which means its locked now and a breakpoint now


Refresh the page


Click on “Console” tab and copy paste following code

config.ed = true;

config.ddu = ‘.’;


Close “Developers Tools” window


In Google Docs, click Upload button and from menu you can access “Download To Google Drive” and that’s it

Write us in comments either you have successfully enable download to Google Drive option in Google Docs or it doesn’t work for you.

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