How to Disable Certain Areas of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Screen with Guided Access

If you want to retrict other users of your iDevice to focus over a specific task and block access to other parts of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen for them, then Guided Access facilitates you to do that exactly, this feature is included in iOS 6+. Now, follow the guide below to know how you can disable certain areas of your iDevice through Guided Access in an app or web page.


Note: Before proceeding its necessary to enable Guided Access on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running over iOS 6+.

Use Guided Access on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


Open an application you want to run under Guided Access


Press the Home button of your iDevice, quickly for three times


Circle different parts of the screen one after the other by fingure  which you want to disable, in result a rectangle with handles will display, which you can use to adjust the area of your choice

After making selections, click on “Start” button at the corner of screen to apply restricted access

use-guided-acces-00 use-guided-acces-01

Now, no one can get out of this app and could not even have full control on app because some of its buttons are disabled under Guided Access.

How to Exit Guided Access


Triple-click the Home button


It will ask for passcode if you have applied, so provide that to get exit from Guided Access

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Jwad April 18, 2013, 9:43 pm

Nice to know about this Guided Access feature, very useful for kids using iPhone.

Shuja Ullah April 30, 2013, 12:47 pm

Guided access a useful feature of iOS.

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