Windows 8.1 Preview Released

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Preview that fixes some quirks and frustrations complained by Windows 8 users to improve the operating system in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. Windows 8.1 Preview is available to the general public to install and test on PCs and tablets.

You may explore tons of improvements and new features in Windows 8.1 Preview but here are listed some of those.

Windows 8.1 Preview Features

  • Start button is back
  • Easier settings access in Control Panel
  • Enhanced search for internal and external
  • Aesthetic improvements to Modern UI Start screen
  • Refined Xbox Music app
  • More organized Windows Store
  • Business-user friendly
  • Wi-Fi hotspot capability
  • Fingerprint readers on laptop
  • Includes Internet Explorer 11 and many more

You can download Windows 8.1 Preview for PC or tablet through integrated link.

Note: Before going towards Windows 8.1 Preview installation create a backup of your data on your device first.

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