Check How Long Does Your iPhone Battery Last

Each model of the iPhone comes with non-removable battery since its initial¬†original iPhone, iPhone 2G to the latest ones. From iPhone’s first model to the latest one Apple made lot of hardware and software changes that combined brings Apple’s iPhone in the list of top end phones. Battery timing plays major role when it comes to portable devices, here we talk about the battery timing of latest iPhone models and how long does it last.


According to Apple, iPhone 4S offers 8 hours of talk time on 3G, with 200 hours standby time. For internet surfing there are up to 6 hours time on 3G, and 9 hours on Wi-Fi with full battery charge on iPhone 4S. Moreover, user may enjoy video playback for 10 hours and audio playback up to 40 hours.

Now, have a look at the battery capabilities of 2013 model of Apple iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Both of new iPhones batteries offer 10 hours talk time on 3G network, 250 hours of standby time, and user can play videos for up to 10 hours, and audio playback time available up to 40 hours. Additionally, user can use internet for 10 hours on Wi-Fi, 8 hours on 3G network, and 10 hours on 4G LTE.


Whenever there comes any upgrade to iOS or other applications compatible to Apple iOS devices, a lot of discussions are there that either new upgrades have any impacts on iPhone’s battery longevity or not? And what happens to the Apple claims regarding iPhone battery lasting if any software upgrade is installed on iPhone.

Check iPhone Battery Health

Although the user’s perceptions exists but do you know Apple gives you option to check that how long your iPhones battery lasting in real. Before we proceed here is a tip for you, what some of iPhone users probably know before that you can display percentage with battery icon, to have a quick look on your iPhone’s current battery percentage, by following our previous guide.

Now, comes to the original topic that how to check iPhone battery condition by observing iOS battery usage and stand by time option. It would be better to go for this check when your remaining iPhone battery is under 10 percent.

Tap on Settings from the Springboard and then tap General > Usage.


Scroll down to Battery Usage section, here you find detailed data about Usage and Standby time under Time since last full charge section.

Usage tells you in hours and minutes that how much time you have had used your device since last full charge. And Standby holds the information that how much time your iPhone lives in idle state since the last recent full battery charge.


Note: If you do not find any data usage figures in Usage and Standby section on iPhone, that means your device requires a 100% charge to show the relevant information.

You can consider the information updated in Usage section on your iPhone and should compare it with the battery percentage indicator, and also consider Apple claims about the battery long lasting timeline. Then you can find the exact that either Apple’s iPhone battery really long lasting or there is any fluctuation. Battery life of iPhone also vary user to user as it depends that how much you use your iPhone, what sort of apps you have installed..

How to Improve iPhone Battery Time

Update: we just posted a complete guide about, How to Improve iPhone Battery life on iOS 7.

Although, the iPhone battery life depends on its use but still if think your phone is draining fast and you are not satisfied with the battery timing that Apple claims, then you have to change your device usage habits to improve iPhone battery life.

  • Turn the background app refresh off for few apps.
  • Disable automatic downloads for Apps and Updates.
  • Reduce motion effect including Parallax effect of icon and alerts.
  • Take a look for apps that use location service and stop unnecessary apps to do that.
  • Turn off AirDrop when not in use.
  • Turn off auto-brightness try quick way to adjust it manually is swipe-up to access control center.
  • Set Spotlight Search indexing for selected stuff.

Incase no trick works to stop fast battery drain on iPhone, then you should go to Apple direct to resolve the battery drain issues.

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