Find and Block Apps Showing Ads on Android Notification Area

There are lots of free apps available on the Google App Store that you can install on Android device absolutely free, but developer gets benefit by showing ads in notification area or within the application. But a few developers have implemented some annoying advertisement methods. Some time when you install few free apps on your Android phone and suddenly you get annoying ads in the notification bar and couldn’t tell which app is doing that, which is quite frustrating some time. The process to trace which app is showing ads in notification area is very simple, after determining which app is doing, you can either hide these ads notifications or uninstall the app.

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Find App that Shows Notifications

To find which app is showing ads in Android notification area, you just need to do few steps when ad the ad bar show in notification center.


Swipe-down to view all the Android notifications, tap and hold on the ad and then tap the “App Info” option.


This will take you to the App info of the app responsible for showing ads in notification area.

Block Notification Area Ads

On the App Info page, uncheck the “Show notifications” option to block notification area ads from that particular app or you can simply uninstall this app if you don’t want it. You can repeat the same process for other ads showing applications in notification bar.


Note: You can control “Show notifications” if you have installed Android 4.1 (Jelly Beans) of later version on you Android device.

Use Apps to Determine Which App is Showing Ads

There are different apps available in the Google app store to find which apps are showing ads. These ad detection apps scan and find apps installed on your Android phone that are involved in showing ads in notification bar and other places.

Open Google App Store and find “ad detector app” and you will see a list of apps available to install. I would suggest you to try different apps b/c some app may not detect all the ads networks.


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