Is you iPhone getting hot? See how to keep your iPhone cool down

An iPhone can become a worry if it starts overheating (when worry becomes a problem it affects people). We will show you some best ways to keep your hot iPhone cool down. So do not worry your iPhone is not going to explode.

Whenever a device starts heating too much, it starts misbehaving and it can become a problem to your iPhone or may cause damages. There have been many cases reported about devices being exploded. So the problem can occur to your device as-well but don’t worry you have come to the best place to find the solution of your problem. Our tips will help you to cool down your Apple device and will push your worries away. So stop worrying about your devices being exploding.

Useful ways of keeping an iPhone cool

If your iPhone keeps overheating, you should look into where and how you are using it. These tips will help:


Here are our some useful tips for cooling down your hot iPhone. Let’s start and see how your device is running and how you’re using it.

  1. Bad battery or charger may be the reason that overheating it, check iPhone battery condition. Make sure you are using the genuine Apple charger and data cable to power up the iPhone. Using cheap charger or low quality cables may cause damaged to the battery.
  2. Don’t try to charge your iPhone while using cretin cases on it. please make it sure it is the thermally protective case. If it is not then please remove it.
  3. When you plugged in your phone for charging, please make it sure that the surroundings are not hot and put the screen side down. Charging heats up the devices.
  4. The first and very useful tip is to keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight. It causes your device to catch heat and may cause damage.
  5. If you are using your phone in your car please don’t leave it in your while leaving your car in parking. Usually, parking areas cause maximum heat.
  6. If you have installed some high graphics games in your phone and you are playing them on regular basis, please stop playing those games if your phone catches heat because high graphics games usually heat up the device.
  7. You might be in a weak cellular signals area where your iPhone continuously trying to find signals, connects and disconnects may cause the heating problem.
  8. If you are using a Wi-Fi with weak signals, this might need power and get overheated, turn it off when not using. When Bluetooth is not required all the time turn it off as well.
  9. Check if your phones location service is on, turn it off. GPS heats up the devices most. Go to Setting > Privacy and then Location Service and turn it off.
  10. While traveling, charging the iPhone and taking help of Google maps, at least stop charging it.
  11. If you think your phone is catching too much of heat, turn Airplane mode on as it turned all the other options automatically off and keeps your device away from heating.
  12. In an extreme condition of heat, shut down your device and keep it in a cool place for a while.
  13. Installing iOS beta or developer version might overheat your iPhone. Because public beta or developer versions are still in development and testing process and may have bugs and instability.

These tips will help you to decrease the temperature of your phone and will keep your device safe from exploding. If our tips won’t help you then you need to take it to Apple care center because the fault can be in hardware.

What happens when an iPhone overheats?

iPhone usually displays warning sign “needs to cool down before you can use it’’ if your device overheats.

The following things will happen when your iPhone is in ‘cool down’ mode:

When your iPhone is overheated some of the features can stop working.

  1. Your device won’t charge.
  2. The signals of your device may not remain strong.
  3. Your device won’t show dim display or any display at all.
  4. While using the camera in heated iPhone your flash won’t work.

Temperature comfort Zone

According to Apple following are the comfort zone of temperature for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch.

  • While using the device they all perform excellent at 62° to 72° F or 16° to 22° C but the comfort zone is 32° to 95° F or  0° to 35° C ambient temperatures.
  • Storage temperature: -4° to 113° F or -20° to 45° C.

Is getting iPhone hot a problem?

Normally iPhone gets warms when your keep using and doing multiple tasks on it and this is normal. You might be thing about exploding iPhone well, you might heard some news online as well, this is rare cases. There is only one thing in the phone that can explode and that is battery. If your iPhone battery is damaged then you must replace it with genuine Apple iPhone battery.

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