Turn Hardware Acceleration ON to Improve Browsing in Google Chrome

Hardware acceleration in Google chrome is very handy. This feature passes the intensive tasks to the GPU within the browser, by doing this it speeds up the processes and overall experience. It’s very good for your computer, your browser works faster and your computers CPU free to do other tasks because the load will be shifted to the GPU.

Google chrome hardware acceleration features use your computer’s graphics card to tackle the intensive tasks such as playing games in browser, video or any other thing which required faster calculation. This feature is pretty amazing but sometimes it gives chrome to crash, freeze or lag. It may also drain your laptop battery faster. If you see hardware acceleration is offender, then turn it off and check problem is resolved or not.

For some users, this feature is enabled by default or some of the user has to enable it manually. If enabled hardware acceleration, there are several tests to run to check hardware acceleration is helping your CPU or not.


How to Turn Hardware Acceleration On or Off

  1. Open Google Chrome, click on 3 dotted icons at the top right corner. And click Settings.
    Alternatively: copy and paste this “chrome://settings/” to Google chrome URL field and hit enter.
  1. In the setting s tab, scroll down unit you see Advanced and click on it. it will be at the end of the settings page.
  1. Now scroll down to the system until you reach to the System section. Here you will see “Use hardware acceleration when available”. Turn it on by toggling the toggle button.
  1. After turning it on, click on “Relaunch” button, it will restart your browser and your hardware acceleration features will be on.
  1. To confirm this feature is turned on. Simple copy and paste “chrome://gpu/” in the URL field and hit enter. The whole host results will be shown. You will see green text with “Hardware accelerated”, which means it’s enabled. If it’s disabled or unavailable then follow the next steps.

Force Google chrome to Turn Hardware Acceleration On or Off

If you see a message in the above last step when you enter “chrome://gpu/” in URL bar like disabled or unavailable. Then you don’t have to worry about it. We have another solution to force chrome to enable this feature for you. Just follow the instruction below carefully.

  1. Enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Google Chrome and hit enter.
  1. Now in the Available tab, you will see “Override software rendering list” and it will be disabled.
  1. Simply enable it from the drop-down.
  1. Now click the relaunch button which appears at the bottom of chrome.

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Enabling hardware acceleration definitely improve your overall experience of using Google Chrome. Please leave a comment below if you have any question.

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