How to Make Your Photos Private on Facebook

You can make your individual photo private so other people can’t see it from the Facebook website or use the Mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. You can change the privacy settings for individual photos or even for the Albums.

So, before modifying the privacy settings for the Photos you must need to understand a few things.

  • You Profile picture and the cover photo will stay visible to the public.
  • If your photo was uploaded by another user, you can’t change the visibility of this photo. But, you can untag yourself from this photo.
  • If the photo is a part of an album then only the user who uploaded the album can change the visibility settings.
  • There are few options for “Who can view your photos, you can choose Only me to make it private, choose specific friends, All friends, or friends except… You can modify the options anytime from your Facebook account to reverse the privacy and unhide the photos.

Hiding Photos on Facebook

Using this method you can make individual photos private so only you can view them. You are going to change the photo audience from the Public to Only me. There are a few other options on your set like All Friends, Friends except…, Specific Friends. So, let’s see how we can do that.


Make your picture private using a browser

  1. First, open up the Facebook website in the browser. Click your name in the top-right corner to view your Profile information.
  2. Now, click the Photos tab, and after that, find the photo that you want to hide. Like I am going to select a photo from the Your Photos section.
  3. Once you click the photo and view it fullscreen. Click the ... horizontal dotted icon next to your profile name and then select the Edit audience option from the menu.
  4. As you can see currently the Publick option is selected for the photo, just select the Only me option and nobody can view your selected picture until you change the settings again.

Now, the photo you selected and modify the audience for is private and only you can view it. If you want you can change the audience to your Friends, Friends except a few…, or show only to specific Friends.

Make your Photos Private on your Mobile app

The process to change the photo visibility on both iOS or Android devices is almost the same, except for the step 1.

  1. Android: Open up the Facebook app on your mobile phone and Tap the menu icon as shown below in the screenshot.
    iPhone/iPad: On iOS devices, this menu icon is available at the bottom-right corner.
  2. Tap your name to see your Profile.
  3. On the next screen Tap the Photos button.
  4. Now, select a photo that you want to hide from the public.
  5. When you view the photo fullscreen, Tap the vertical dotted icon.
  6. Select Edit pot privacy option from the menu.
  7. Select Only me option and you just made your photo private.

So, this is how you can change the photo visibility private on Facebook on iOS or Android devices.

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