Set up WiFi Syncing for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Wireless syncing of iDevices is one of the most exciting feature out of 200+ new features of iOS 5. So, through the guide below you will learn how to sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad over Wi-Fi while you are running iOS 5.

Enable Wireless Syncing from iTunes



Attach your iDevice to computer via USB and open iTunes


In the left pane of iTunes select your iDevice under “Devices”

Click “Summary” tab, and check the box followed by the option “Sync with this iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) over Wi-Fi” and “Apply” changes

Sync iPhone over WiFi

Now, your iDevice will start auto syncing to your computer whenever both of your devices will be on same wi-fi internet connection.

Start Wireless Syncing from Device


Tap on “Settings” from Springboard


Navigate to “General” > “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” and tap “Sync Now” button and that’s it

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