Make Windows 8.1 Load Faster, Disable Programs that Slow Down Your PC’s Startup

There might be more than one reason that may slow down your PC start-up. This may be your processor power, RAM, viruses, spywares, etc, but Start-up programs are one of them. On an average user’s PC, there are lot of programs that run when the machine starts up and you really don’t need to run them on Windows start-up. Its better idea to disable these programs from startup and run them manually when you really need them. Windows Task Manager gives you an option to find the High, Medium and Low impact start-up programs and disable them. So in this guide, we will see how to disable start-up programs and make Windows load faster.

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Disable start-up programs in Windows 8 and 8.1

Run taskmgr command in Run window to open Windows Task Manager.


Press Windows+R keys from keyboard, type the taskmgr command in it and hit the Enter.


Here you will find Start-up tab click on it.
click on Start-up impact column’s header to bring high impact programs at the top as shown below.


Find and disable start-up programs that are not so important to run on Windows start-up.
Like in screenshot below Skype, Adobe Updater…, Logitech download are useless for me to load at start-up, so I am going to disable those program to speed up Windows load time.

Right-click on each program that you want to disable at Windows start-up and select Disable option form the menu.

Tip: If you find any unknown file running here, Right-click on it and select Open file location or Properties option to check what is this file.


Status of the disabled programs will be changed to Disabled, as shown in the screenshot below:


Tips to make Windows load faster

  • Uninstall programs that you never used (Press Windows key and type Programs and Feature, here you can uninstall programs).
  • Scan for Virus and Spywares, install a good antivirus or internet security software to handle this problem.
  • I also suggest you to check this performance guide as well.

Share your experience with us in the comments section below, Thanks.

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