How to Stop Ringing iPad or Mac When Receive Call on iPhone

The new iOS 8 feature, you can answer or dial calls from Mac or other device like iPad or iPod Touch that are using OS X Yosemite or iOS 8 and also setup with same Apple ID. We already posted a guide Answer or Dial iPhone Calls from iPad, This feature is useful but some time its annoying when you receive a call on iPhone and all your devices start ringing.


To stop this annoying thing there is an iOS 8 settings that we need to turn off and you can stop ringing Mac, iPad or other devices when receive call on iPhone. Lets see how to turn off iPhone Cellular Calls settings on iPhone or Mac

Stop Ringing iOS Devices

To stop ringing iOS devices that are using same Apple ID then you can turn off iPhone Cellular Calls option from iPhone Settings.

Go to “Settings” > “FaceTime” > and turn off “iPhone Cellular Calls”.

Stop Ringing Mac

If you want to ring iOS devices on iPhone call but Mac then you can turn off the following option on OS X Yosemite only.

Open FaceTime app on OS X Yosemite, press cmd+space find and run FaceTime app. Click on “FaceTime” menu and then select “Preferences…”. On the Preferences window click the Settings tab and then uncheck the “iPhone Cellular Calls” option. This will stop ringing Mac on iPhone call.

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