How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Here is how you can enable dark mode on WhatsApp running on your iPhone or Android device. Dark Mode will save lots of battery with OLED display devices.

Another day, another most awaited update has arrived. WhatsApp has released a new update for iOS and Android which include major changes. In this article, we are going to talk about all the changes WhatsApp has made in the 2.20.30 version for iPhone.

In the new update, WhatsApp has made two major changes. Both of these are very useful for every user. If you are using an OLED device then this update is going to save much battery on your iPhone or Android device. Because Dark Mode is here for every WhatsApp user using iOS 13 on iPhone & Android 9. Along with Dark Mode, WhatsApp has also added New search options that allow you to filter search results by author and content type so you can easily find photos, voice messages, videos or others.


So, when it comes to Enabling WhatsApp Dark Mode on your iPhone & Android both have different methods but they are easy. Before proceeding, make sure you have the latest version. If you are unsure, just open App Store or Play Store and check for app updates and install from there. Once you are done, follow a step by step guide according to the device.

Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp on iPhone

Let me share the method to enable dark mode in WhatsApp on iPhone. Before proceeding next, make sure your iPhone is running on iOS 13 because this update requires the latest version of iOS on your iPhone. So, if you are using an older device then I am sorry at the very beginning for you.

If you have already installed iOS 13 on your iPhone, then there are two ways to enable dark mode. One way to do is Settings > Display & Brightness > Use Dark appearance. Or, just swipe to the Control Center and hold on the brightness bar to choose Dark Mode instantly.

iphone dark modeenable dark mode iphone

After enabling Dark Appearance on your iPhone with the latest WhatsApp you will find Dark Mode enabled.

So, this means it’s according to the system light or dark appearance. Now the choice is yours because at the moment there is no option to turn off Dark Mode for WhatsApp only.

Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

Android devices are also running WhatsApp but when it comes to Dark Mode, this is only available for devices that are running Android 9 at least. So, if you are one of those then you can enable or disable dark mode anytime.

If you are using Android 10 then you can use the System-wide dark mode for WhatsApp. Just enable it from the notification center where you can find and tap on Dark Mode shortcut to enable or disable it.

If you are using Android 9 or lower you can still do this. Just go to the WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Theme > Select dark mode. Using these settings, you can disable it only for this application.

That’s how you can do this on your iPhone & Android. Let us know how much you have liked this update in the comments below. I can assure you; this update will save the battery on your device if you are using an OLED device.

Enough for today. For more exciting tutorials on iPhone & Android keep visiting our blog. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for future updates on your mailbox. Signing out Peace.


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