How to Share Internet Connection from Mac (Wi-Fi to Bluetooth / USB iPhone & iPad)

Here is how you can set up a personal hotspot on your MacBook and enjoy the WiFi connection from Mac on many devices and computers.

Another day, another amazing tutorial with some facts and benefits from one device if you don’t know the password but it’s connected to your Mac. This article is just for educational purposes there is no means to steal or break any privacy. So, let’s dig into this and convert your MacBook WiFi connection into a personal hotspot to connect other devices to it.

There’s a hidden feature on your Mac available which you probably don’t know. It’s called Sharing, using that you can share your Internet, Printer, Files, Screen, and more. So, no matter which internet connection you are using we will let you know how you can set up and share Mac’s WiFi connection to iPhone, iPad, or computers.


So, if you are one who wants to connect your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with the internet connection you have on your Mac then follow the next given tutorial. Also, in case if your Mac is connected to a Network whose password you don’t know then probably this method is also helpful for share a WiFi connection.


Your iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer must fulfill the requirements to use the shared internet connection. Your device or computer must be connected to Mac through one of the following options.

  • Bluetooth (good for mobile device and laptops with Bluetooth support)
  • USB cable (Apple iPhone or iPad, share the internet from Mac and just connect your phone via USB)

Sharing your WiFi connection from Mac

Here is a quick guide to set up a personal hotspot on your Mac. When you sharing your WiFi connection from Mac, the other devices or computers can use this shared connection through Bluetooth. iPhone and iPad can also use via USB. Let’s see how to share internet from Mac, just follow the given steps.

  1. On your Mac, click the Apple icon top-left corner and then select “System Preferences” from the menu.
  2. Click the Sharing option as shown in the picture below.
  3. From the sidebar select Internet Sharing.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi option from the “Share your connection from” dropdown.
  5. Check the options, Bluetooth PAN, iPhone USB, iPad USB from the “To computers using” list as shown below.
  6. Now Enable the “Internet Sharing” from Sidebar and then hit the Start button to turn on internet sharing.

You have successfully shared Wi-Fi from Mac, There are two ways to use the shared internet.

  1. Pair your device via Bluetooth and use Mac’s internet connection.
  2. Or connect your iPhone / iPad via USB to the Mac and start using the internet.

That’s very simple and you should give it a try now. You will be able to enjoy the internet connection without any fear. That’s all for today. If you having trouble connecting to Mac’s internet leave a comment below. If you do know any other method to convert your Mac into the Personal hotspot then share it in the comments below. We will be happy to hear it from you.

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