How to Quickly Insert Trademark, Copyright and Registered Symbols into Word Document

Symbols like ™ (Trademark), © (Copyright), ® (Registered) does not exist on keyboard but if you want to know the keyboard shortcuts to insert those symbols into Word 2007/2010 document quickly then continue reading. These tips are quite helpful for writers, students, publishers, editors and people who have to type reports frequently in Word and use these.

Trademark, Copyright and Registered Symbols keyboard shortcuts

To insert symbols into a Word document you can choose one of the two shortcut methods below.

Method 1

For Trademark ™ : Type (TM)

For Copyright © : Type (C)

For Registered ® : Type (R)

Method 2

You can use Alt key plus numeric keypad keys combinations to insert trademark, copyright and registered symbols, but remember the NumLock on your keyboard must be ON to do that as the normal number keys on keyboard does not work for this.

For Trademark ™ : Press and hold ALT key, type 0153 and release ALT

For Copyright © : Press and hold ALT key, type 0169 and release ALT

For Registered ® : Press and hold ALT key, type 0174 and release ALT

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Zawahir June 16, 2011, 2:33 pm

Nice article.

Hussain November 6, 2012, 8:29 am

Nice to know about keyboard shortcuts of Copyright,Registered and Trademark symbols.

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