How to Install iOS 8 when you see “This update cannot be installed required more storage…”

As we all know that Apple’s iOS 8 just got released publically. iOS 8 is packed with new features like custom widgets, Enhanced Messaging and a new notification center is added. As links are now live and OTA is active some of you might be facing trouble while updating to iOS 8 and must be facing “This update cannot be installed because” error. But wait there is a method to install iOS 8 when you see this error message. What to do? Find out below!

Fix Error: This update cannot be installed…

Error message: This update cannot be installed because it required at least 4.7 GB of storage. (required storage may be varies device to device).  The issue arises when you are about to install iOS 8 with OTA (over-the-air) method on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your device don’t have enough storage to save iOS installation files. Additional stuff is needed when downloading iOS 8 that is why you are asked for lot of space and Apple is asking a massive of at least 6.7 GB of free space in some devices. Which varies device to device.  Well if you are one of those facing this error we have come up with a very simple fix.


We already posted a guide how to check used storage space by Apps and remove usless apps that taking huge space you don’t even used them. If you don’t want to delete any apps games or personal images or videos then go ahead to next method of installing iOS 8 using iTunes. However make sure to back up your device before attempting.


All you need to do is simply connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and run iTunes. You will get a message saying new update available for your device. Hit Download and Install. And you are good to go. Isn’t it as simple as 123? Well while updating your device through iTunes you don’t need additional space as compared to OTA.

So if you own an iOS compatible device get downloading guys as the links are now live. And if you are one of those who were facing “Not Enough space” error follow the guide and update now so you can enjoy Apple’s latest Mobile operating System.

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